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  2021.01           Asia Internet History, Fourth Decade (2010s), Softcopy (with Hardcopy in 2021Q2)
  2021.01           50 Year Anniversary of KAIST - Interviews; Donga Science (과학동아), KBS (다큐온, 2021.1.19)
  2021                KR4050 Project with KR4050 Workshops (2021Q2 & 202Q2) - Draft Proposal, (Extended Proposal)   
  2021                Kilnam Chon, Online Talks in 2021: Future of The Net (pending), Internet Ecosystem (pending)                                                                                                                           

Past Events at System Architecture Laboratory (Kilnam Chon,.....)  

  2020.01~12     Kilnam Chon, Online talks; IPv6, AP*Af*,  Tufts, CSNET'35 (pptVideoReport), 2020 IGFIP-AsiaAPSIGArchitecture Conf
  2020.5.20        전길남, Digital Space - Beyond Internet, 한양대.   
 2020.3.18        대한민국이 만들어낸 역대급 기적 Top10_[센서 스튜디오]
  2020                Draft ppts: Digital ChallengeCorona19LifeCorona19DigitalDigital20Space, (GNTC)

  2019.12            Interviews; Noblesse 2019 December Issue [한글;1 and 2] & KBS/e-Sports
  2019.12.13       AI 혁명의 역사, Kurikindi Center, 서울.
  2019.11.9         전길남, AI 혁명의 역사, 제주.
  2019.10.20-21  Kilnam Chon, Global Governance on Major Information (Digital) Technologies, High-Level Think-Tank Forum, WIC, Wuzhen.
  2019.9.25         전길남, AI 혁명의 역사,여성신문.
  2019.9.19         전길남,  AI: Past and Present미래포렘.
  2019.9.6           전길남, AI Governance and Algorithm, 정보인권 연구소. [한글] [YouTube]

  2019.8.24         Kilnam Chon, Internet & AI: Past and Present, YGCEO, Los Angeles.
  2019.7.8           Kilnam Chon, AI: Past & Present (with AI Governance:  [ppt], [article]), APSIG, Bangkok.
  2019.7.10         Kilnam Chon, Internet Governance History (with Multistakeholderism History, and Internet Governance),  APSIG, Bangkok.   
  2019.6.26         전길남, 인터넷  연구개발의역사, KCC, 제주.
  2019.5.31         전길남, 인터넷의 미래는?, PBS, 서울.
  2019.5              Kilnam Chon, Asia Internet History, Book 4 (2010s) - Draft Table of Contents.
  2019.4.12         전길남, AI Governance, SPRi Spring Conference, 서울.
  2019.2.27         Kilnam Chon, Internet History Projects, APRICOT, Daejeon.
  2019.2.24         Kilnam Chon, AP* - 20 years, APstar Retreat, Daejeon.

  2018.12.19      전길남,           Computer Development in 1980s, KSC 2018, 평창.
  2018.12.         Kilnam Chon, Internet History with Asia and Security Footprints, NSR, Seoul. (cancelled)
  2018.11.26       Kilnam Chon, "Internet, Then AI", 판교.
  2018.11.20       Kilnam Chon, AI: Past and PresentBixby Developer Day, 서울.
  2018.10            Kilnam Chon's Office at KAIST was moved to shared office room 1406.
  2018.10            Internet-related documents were donated to KAIST Library  All other documents were archived elsewhere한국산악회국립산악박물관, YUST
  2018.7.8-12      Kilnam Chon, Digital Governance, APSIG, Bangkok.[ppt], [paper]
  2018.5.21-22    Kilnam Chon, IPv6 - My Observations, 2018 Global IPv6 Summit, Hangzhou (cancelled)

 2017.12.30-31  Kilnam Chon, Internet in Asia, TechFest, IIT, Mumbai, and Internet in Asia, IIT, Hyderabad -- cancelled
 2017.12.8-10    Kilnam Chon, Engineering a Secure Net, Bright Internet Summit, Seuol.
 2017.12.3-5      Kilnam Chon, Internet Meeting as Talent Development Ground, WIC, Wuzen.

 2017.11.28-30  Kilnam Chon, Internet access for last billion, GNTC, Beijing.
 2017.7.25         Kilnam Chon, Organized 2017 APSIG, and talked on IoT Governance, APSIG, Bangkok.  [video] [ppt]
 2017.6.21-23    Kilnam Chon, Internet: Past 50 Years and Future Challneges, China Internet Conference. (cancelled)
 2017.6.20         전길남, 한국 컴퓨터 역사 워크숍 III, KCC, 제주.

 2017.4.5-6      Kilnam Chon, Interdisciplinary, APAN Retreat, Seoul. [text]  [ppt]
2017.4.5-6      Kilnam Chon, Testbed, APAN Retreat, Seoul.  [text]  [ppt]
 2017.3.17-18  Kilnam Chon, Networking History, SIGCIS, Computer History Museum, Mountain View.
 2017.2.25       센서스튜디오, [국뽕주의] 한국이 위대한 이유 Top10_[SES Production]

 2016.11.24     Kilnam Chon, Keynote Speech, Internet History, KREONET Workshop, 대전. [ppt]
 2016.9.11-`5   Kilnam Chon, Organized First APSIG and lectured Technology and Engineering Perspective, APSIG, Bangkok. [video], [ppt],

 2016.8.1~5     Kilnam Chon, Last 20 Years and Next 20 Years, APAN Meeting, Hong Kong. 
 2016.7.1         20세기 우리나라 컴퓨터 개발역사 워크숍 II, 제주.
 2016.6.21~23 Kilnam Chon, Internet: Past 50 Years and Future Challenges, China Internet Conference, Beijing.
 2016.6.16       Kilnam Chon, The Other Billion, FIRST Conference, Seoul.
 2016.5.31       Naver, 네이버 처음프로젝트 (2016-05-30) - Google Drive
 2016.5            snac.chosun, snac.chosun.com/1527#page=0 
 2016.5.23       Kilnam Chon (Chief Editor), An Asia Internet History - Third Decade (2001-2010)
 2016.3.18       Kilnam Chon, Internet: Past, Present and Future, U2A, Osaka.

 2015.12.26   Kilnam Chon, Keynote Speech, The Other Billion, TechFest, IIT, Mumbai (also at IIT Hyderabad and Tata Industry).
 2015.10.16   Kilnam Chon, Keynote Speech (& Dialogue with Yochai Benkler), Creative CommonsGlobal Summit, Seoul.

 2015.10.15   Kilnam Chon,  High Technology Venture - My Perspective, Keynote Speech, Softbank Venture Forum, 제주.
 2015.07.09   Completed Online Archiving of SAL Library (Kilnam Chon, Alumni)
 2015.6.25    전길남,  20세기 우리나라 컴퓨터 연구개발 역사, Keynote Speech, KCC'15, 제주
 2015.5.19    20세기 우리나라 컴퓨터 개발 역사 워크숍 (Workshop on South Korean Computer Development History in 20th Century), 서울.
 2015.2         Kilnam Chon (Chief Editor), An Asia Internet History - Second Decade (1990s).

 2014.8       안정배, 강경란, "한국 인터넷의 역사 - 되돌아보는 20세기," 블로터미디어 (eBook; 리디북스), http://InternetHistory.kr.
 2014.7       전길남, Portrait, Spectrum, Issue 14
, p.40~

 2014.7       Kilnam Chon, Arirang TV
- Heart to Heart  (in English), Seoul.
 2014.7       전길남, YTN TV, Global Korean
 2014.5       전길남,
Internet: Past, Present, and Future, NDC, 판교
 2014.5       Kilnam Chon, The Other Billions, Seoul Digital Forum
(SDF), 서울.
 2014.5       전길남,
착한 의자, SBS and SBS-CNBC, 서울.
 2014.4       전길남, 우리 시대의 멘토,
 2014.4       황진영 &이정훈, 인터넷 아버지 전길남 박사

 2013.12     Kilnam Chon (Chief Editor), An Asia Internet History - First Decade (1980-1990), Seoul Natinoal University Press.
 2013.2       Kilnam Chon, et al., "A History of Computer Networking and the Internet in Korea," IEEE Communications Magazine.

 2012.10     전길남, 송재경, 김국현 - 인터넷 30년 다가올 미래 ... - 다음 TV팟, 서울.
 2012.6       전길남, 나의 삶 나의 보람, KBS Radio. (Two 50-minutes interviews), 서울.  [1] [2]
 2012.4       Kilnam Chon, Internet Hall of Fame

 2011.11     Kilnam Chon, Jon Postel Internet Service Award

 2003         Kilnam Chon, World Technology Award - Communication Technology

 2001.3       Kilnam Chon, Future of the Internet Digital Divide, CACM Millennium Issue.

 1989.8      한선영 외, SALab 1982~1988: 한 연구실 이야기, 서울.

 1986         Dongman Lee, UDSTP, SIGCOMM.
 1985.10    Pacific Computer Communications Symposium, Seoul.

 1982.5      IPv4 Network (SDN); Connecting KIET and SNU (added KAIST in 1983), South Korea.

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