SAL Technical Memo Lists

SAL-TM-00TM ListAuthorDate
SAL-TM-01Bee Machine: Initial AssessmentK. ChonFeb. 1987
SAL-TM-02Definition of Programming Language CtdJin H. HurFeb. 1987
SAL-TM-03Overseas Communication Cost through PSDNHyun Je ParkMar. 1987
SAL-TM-04Tutorial: Technical WorkstationChul ChungApr. 1987
SAL-TM-05Porting UNET on PC/ATNamshik Ahn, Hyun Je Park, Dongman LeeMay 1987
SAL-TM-06Device Driver for VIKING DisplaysChul Chung, Hyeon ChoiJun. 1987
SAL-TM-07Building Socket and TCP/IP on IBM PC/ATDongman LeeJun. 1987
SAL-TM-08Survey on Overseas Standardization Organizations on Information ProcessingHyun Je Park, Kilsup LeeJun. 1987
SAL-TM-09Virtual Terminal Protocol with Windowing CapabilitySunyoung HanJun. 1987
SAL-TM-10Information Processing Technology and StandardizatonKilnam Chon, Sunyoung Han, Hyun Je ParkJul. 1987
SAL-TM-11Protocol Development Environment with LotosKilsup LeeJul. 1987
SAL-TM-12Building X Windows on IBM PC/AT with Microport System V-ATDongman Lee, Jinsoo Yoon, In Gook Chun, Hyun Choi, and Chul ChungAug. 1987
SAL-TM-13Consideration in Object Placement in Processor NetworkJin H. Hur, Chul Chung, and Kilnam ChonJun. 1987
SAL-TM-14Current Status of Personal Workstations in United StatesChul Chung,Sep. 1987
SAL-TM-15Front End Software for End User Online Searching,Haesoon ChoAug. 1987
SAL-TM-16Research and Development Networks and System Development Network in KoreaHaesoon ChoApr. 1986
SAL-TM-17Design Note of CornerStoneJin Ho HurJan. 1988
SAL-TM-18Issues and Variations in Object Oriented ProgrammingJin Ho HurJan. 1988
SAL-TM-19Group Communication in Distributed Applications Support EnvironmentHyunje Park, Dongman Lee, Kilsup Lee, Namsik AhnFeb. 1988
SAL-TM-20Stream Interface in UNIX System V.3Chul ChungJan. 1988
SAL-TM-21MDASE: Infrastructure for Object-Oriented Distributed Processing(Draft Zero)D.Lee, J.H.Hur, C.Chung, D.Hur, K.Kim and K.ChonFeb. 1988
SAL-TM-22Design and Implementation of Trader and Binder in MDASEDuckman HurMar. 1988
SAL-TM-23Formal Model for n-party ProtocolKilsup LeeMay 1988
SAL-TM-24Definition of CornerStoneJinHo Hur and Kilnam Chon20 Sep. 1988
SAL-TM-25Computation Model and Rationale for the Design of CornerStone: An Object Oriented Language for Distributed ComputationJinHo Hur and Kilnam Chon20 Sep. 1988
SAL-TM-26Experience of X Toolkit Programming on SUN3/50Jangwook Kim28 Oct. 1988
SAL-TM-27Relate Work on Group InteractionHyunje Park and Kilsup Lee11 Nov. 1988
SAL-TM-28A Window System Supporting Network-Wide Virtual DisplayJinsoo Yoon06 Dec. 1988
SAL-TM-29Pagoda Project: Review and ProjectionJinHo Hur1988.12.23
SAL-TM-30Guideline to Terminal Control on SVR 2 ;To get the same effect as BSD Terminal OperationT.Weon1988.10.31
SAL-TM-31PC 2000: Personal Computer in Year 2000Jinsoo Yoon1989.1.27
SAL-TM-32Continuation and Coroutine for Representing Partially Eveluated ExpressionsJinHo Hur1989.2.17
SAL-TM-33Name Management for Access Control in Capability Based Distributed SystemsPankeon Kim, JinHo Hur and Kilnam Chon1989.1.
SAL-TM-34.1Configuration Management of Object Groups(Rev.)H.J. Park1989.10.23
SAL-TM-35Building a Group (see SAL-TM-40)H.J. ParkMarch 1989
SAL-TM-36GEX Protocol and Implementation (see SAL-TM-40)N.S. Ahn, Y.S. Sim and H.J. ParkMarch 1989
SAL-TM-37Group Transmission Protocol (TBC) (see SAL-TM-40)T. WeonMarch 1989
SAL-TM-38Extension to Distributed Processing Languange (see SAL-TM-40)K. LeeMarch 1989
SAL-TM-39Specification in LOTOS (see SAL-TM-40)K. LeeMarch 1989
SAL-TM-40Group Interactions Manual (Version 0.0)H.J. Park, Y.S. Sim, T.H. Weon, and K. ChonMarch 1989
SAL-TM-41GEX: A Group Execution ProtocolH.J. Park, Y.S. Sim, D.M. Lee, and K. Chon1989. 11. 5
SAL-TM-42Open Platform for Personal Media 2000(Proposal)P.K. Kim1989.6.9
SAL-TM-43Shared Window in Distributed System(Final Dratf)J. S. Yoon1989.6.19
SAL-TM-44Human Computer Interaction - A SurveyJ. S. Yoon1989.6.28
SAL-TM-45Window System ArchitectureJ. S. Yoon1990.3.29
SAL-TM-46Pagoda Object Support Environment(Pose) - Part I : Design Note (Version 0.1) (Draft)J.H. Hur, K.N. Chon1990. 3. 1
SAL-TM-47Pagoda Object Support Environment (Pose) - Part II : Implementation Note (Version 0.1)J.H. Hur, K.N. Chon1990. 3 .1
SAL-TM-48A Distributed Window System: Group in the window systemJ.S. Yoon1992. 8. 26
SAL-TM-49User Interface Design with Metaphore and AgentK. Kim, D. Lee, K. Chon1992. 8. 26
SAL-TM-50Computational Model based on Cooperating AgentsT. Park, D. Lee, K. Chon1992. 8. 26
SAL-TM-51DCE porting을 위한 DCE analysisKyungran Kang1992. 9. 18
SAL-TM-52이미지 위짓의 구현에 관한 최종 보고서Kiseob Lee1992. 9. 4
SAL-TM-53Requirement Analysis for a conferencing system and its infrastructureTaehwan Weon, Kilnam Chon1993. 9. 1
SAL-TM-54Group Interaction Toolkit for CollaborationByounghak Kim1993. 9. 1
SAL-TM-55Networked InformationTaeha Park1993. 9. 1
SAL-TM-56An Agent System for Networked Information RetrievalTaeha Park1993. 9. 1
SAL-TM-57Internet Resource Discovery의 방향Jungju Kim1993. 9. 1
SAL-TM-58DCE 1.0.2 Installation on UNIX Systems V/386 Release 4Jaeho Yang1993. 9. 1
SAL-TM-59Evaluation Report of Multimedia Desktop Conferencing SystemsTaehwan Weon, Kyungran Kang, Kisub Lee1993. 12. 3
SAL-TM-60A Minimal Window System Architecture for the Distributed EnvironmentJinsoo Yoon, Kilnam Chon1994.
SAL-TM-61Group Support for a Distributed Window SystemJinsoo Yoon, Kilnam Chon1994.
SAL-TM-62Information tools for OrganizationMinkyung Cho, Taeha Park1994.2.28.
SAL-TM-63A Partial Decoding Approach for the High Speed Presentation ProtocolChoi Sun Whan, Kilnam Chon1994.3.2
SAL-TM-64NetAgent: An Internet Directory System for Networked Information RetrievalTaeha Park, Kilnam Chon1994.3.18
SAL-TM-65Korean Environment for the Internationalized X Window SystemJinsoo Yoon, Yanghee Yoon, Sunghun Park, and Kilnam Chon1994.7
SAL-TM-66Global Search over Heterogeneous Internet ResourcesTaeha Park, Kilnam Chon1994.6.29
SAL-TM-67호스트그룹 관리 시스템Kyungran Kang, Kilnam Chon1994.6.29
SAL-TM-68Capability-based Group Interactions in Open Distributed Systems For Multiparty Interactive ApplicationsTaewhan Weon, Kilnam Chon1994.8.31
SAL-TM-69Introduction to IETF Transport Service AreaKyungran Kang, Kilnam Chon1994.8.31
SAL-TM-70Communication Requirements for Multiparty Interactive Multimedia ApplicationsKyungran Kang, Kilnam Chon1995.2.28
SAL-TM-71CS540 Network Architecture(Spring 1996) Report-MBone MulticastingKilnam Chon1996.7.16
SAL-TM-72Updating Cached Objects Using Conditional GETJaeyeon Jung1996.8.29
SAL-TM-73Dynamic Rate Control Mechanism for Large Scale Multiparty SessionsKyungran Kang and Kilnam Chon1997.7.30
SAL-TM-74Hierarchical Session Management for Large Scale SessionsKyungran Kang and Kilnam Chon1997.8.4
SAL-TM-75Update Policies for Network CacheHyunchul Kim and Kilnam Chon1997.10.1
SAL-TM-76Multiple Multicast Tunnel Detection(in revision)Hyang-ah Kim1997.10.1
SAL-TM-77Scalable Traffic Control Scheme for Interactive Multimedia SessionsKyungran Kang, Kilnam Chon, and Dongman Lee1998.2.28
SAL-TM-78Report on the costs and benefits of Cache hierarchy in KoreaJieun Lee, Hyunchul Kim, Hyojung Hwang, Youngmin Chin and Kilnam Chon1998.4.20
SAL-TM-79Report on APAN-KR Network Status and APRU DemonstrationWoohyong Choi1998.6.30
SAL-TM-80Visualization of the Growth and Topology of the NLANR Caching HierarchyBradley Huffaker (CAIDA), Jaeyeon Jung (KAIST), Evi Nemeth (CAIDA), Duane Wessels (NLANR), and K Claffy (CAIDA)1998.8.31
SAL-TM-81Report on "Firewire Digital Video over IP" Demonstration, at SC'98Jaeyeon Jung and Seungbeom Park1998.11.16
SAL-TM-82Report on "Firewire Digital Video over IP" Demonstration, at APAN Osaka MeetingsSeungbeom Park1999.2.22
SAL-TM-83RepliCache: Enhancing Web Caching Architecture with the Replication of Large ObjectsJaeyeon Jung and Kilnam Chon1999.2.28
SAL-TM-84Positioning Memo on Information Dissemination ArchitectureWoohyong Choi and Hyun-chul Kim1999.4.8
SAL-TM-85A New Approach to Scalable Network Storage System for Large ObjectsJaeyeon Jung and Kilnam Chon1999.9.7
SAL-TM-86Tools for Managing Virtual Hosts and Mailing ListsJaedon Lee1999.10.15
SAL-TM-87Earth Observation Image Data Access through High Performance InternetHyun-chul Kim, Kilnam Chon and Won-kyu Park1999.10.19
SAL-TM-88Proactive Web Caching with Cumulative Prefetching for Large Multimedia DataJaeyeon Jung, Kilnam Chon and Dongman Lee2000.3.12
SAL-TM-89Report on Code System and Hangul Character SetHeonkyu Park2001.2.28
SAL-TM-90도메인 네임 시스템을 이용한 복제 서비스에서의 동적 서버 선택 시스템에 관한 연구Jaedon Lee and Kilnam Chon2001.2.28
SAL-TM-91Background Readings on Internet MeasurementHeonkyu Park2001.8.28
SAL-TM-92KAESAR : A Scalable Information Dissemination Architecture on the InternetHyunchul Kim and Kilnam Chon2001.8.31
SAL-TM-93NLM : Network-based Layered Multicast for traffic control of heterogeneous networkKyungran Kang, Dongman Lee, Heeyong Yun, and Kilnam Chon2001.8.31
SAL-TM-94Development of Firewire Digital Video Transport System on WindowsHongkee Sul2002.1.31
SAL-TM-95Passive Measurement Tool들의 분석과 적용Tae-ho Kim, Jaemin Park, Jungwon Suh, Hyunchul Kim, and Kilnam Chon2002.2.28
SAL-TM-96Measurements of File-Systems Deployed on High-Performance Research and Education NetworksHyunchul Kim, Joonbock Lee, Jungwon Suh, and Kilnam Chon2002.2.28
SAL-TM-97Multicast Routing Debugger (MRD) : A System to Monitor the Status of Multicast NetworkJaeyoung Lee, Heonkyu Park, Woohyong Choi, and Kilnam Chon2002.2.28
SAL-TM-98Improvement of FlowScanJaemin Park, Jungwon Suh, Hyunchul Kim, and Kilnam Chon2002.2.28
SAL-TM-99Multicast Measurement for Dynamic Group SessionHeonkyu Park and Kilnam Chon2002.9.1
SAL-TM-100Network Fault Detection in Perfect N-ary TreeHeonkyu Park and Kilnam Chon2003.2.27
SAL-TM-101A Hybrid Pagoda Broadcasting Protocol : Fixed-Delay Pagoda Broadcasting Protocol wirh Partial PreloadingHong-kee Sul, Hyunchul Kim and Kilnam Chon2003.4.1
SAL-TM-102Large Multimedia on Web: Characterization and Implications for Web CachingHyunchul Kim, Dongman Lee, Kilnam Chon, and Beakchul Jang2004.11.16
SAL-TM-103A Scalable Hybrid Network Caching Architecture for Large Content DeliveryHyunchul Kim, Dongman Lee, and Kilnam Chonin preparation

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