Appendix 1: CS540 Network Architecture Course Outline

¡Ü Instructor: Kilnam Chon, 869-3514,
¡Ü Secretary: Solhwa Bae, 869-3554,
¡Ü TA: Woohyong Choi, 869-3554,

Class: Tuesday/Thursday 13:00 - 14:30

¡Ü Tuesdays on Seminar of Invited Speakers

Multicasted in the Internet
Video archived (being delayed; to be announced when ready)

¡Ü Thursdays on Term Projects

Classes 3.05/07/14/21
Proposal 3.31
Proposal Presentation 4.04/11
Mid-Term Presentation 5.02/04
Final Presentation 6.13/15
Term Paper 6.22


¡Ü Physically - Room #1219, EE Dept.

The lecture room is located on the first floor of the EE Dept.

¡Ü Virtually - (multicast address)

video: (native NV)
audio: (GSM)

You are encouraged to participate in remote places in the 
Tuesday lectures!

Multicasting Applications for Each Platforms

¡Ü Windows NT or Windows95 - NVAT

Network Video and Audio Tool for Windows NT or Windows95 has been
announced last February by NEC coorporation.

¡Ü MacOS - MBone TV

Mac users please access Cosmos HD network volume to retrieve latest version of MBone TV, QuickTime Conferencing, and Op en Transport softwares, Please contact for further information.

¡Ü Unix - Visual Audio Tool(vat), Network Video(nv), Whiteboard(wb)

MBone softwares for various Unix boxes are available from

Video Archives

(to be announced)

Mailing List

There is a mailing list for CS540 course. To subscribe to the list send a mail with the following content to majordomo@

subscribe cs540

All mails are archived in the mail-archive directory of th CS540 ftp archive


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